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Our People

  • Our people must enjoy what they do, they must have a passion for it. If they can't have fun, they can't be at their best.
    We aim to offer the best environment where professionals can operate at their best.

  • For us, people and sustainable business are the only way to succeed. The right attitude coupled with respect and integrity is important, not short term profits.

  • We also aim to create employment opportunities and social charitable acts in the societies we work in. As they grow, so do we.

Our Values
Our values and specific behaviors to support them :

  • Customer centric
    To always ensure we do not get bureaucratic and remember that we are here to serve a purpose, without which Sparta cannot survive – our customers’ needs. We shall do so with the highest levels of personal service, mutual respect and integrity
  • People
    Our biggest assets are our people, those who work with us and those associated with us as customers or service partners or government bodies. To constantly endeavor to create more opportunities for them while always emphasizing the importance of family and work life balance.
  • Sustainability
    We are here today and for the tomorrow as well. To always ensure our profitability comes with mutual benefits to those who associate with us, thus ensuring the highest standards of the industry and in fact setting new benchmarks. Thus ensuring our sustainability for the long term.
  • Productivity and execution
    To constantly innovate, control unnecessary costs yet spend money to make money and develop our people. To always focus on the business environment and not internal red tape. Thereby executing a professional culture that constantly excels to beat its own standards.
  • Fun
    We spend seventy percent of our lives working, therefore we must ensure all people associated with us have fun doing so. To have a passion for what we do and enjoy the journey as well. To remember this is about people and accordingly create and savor the journey and experience.

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